Turning the Wine World Upside Down

Vintage Valet’s exclusive racking wine bottles dramatically change the consumer experience in the wine category. Limited shelf space in the wine aisle is overexposed and exhausted. We help merchandise wine directly in the reach, providing the user-friendly benefit of convenience alongside key meal ingredients. At the same time, we are optimizing category exposure by creating non-competitive retail situations. Vintage Valet displays allows you to take advantage of underutilized space within the store’s valuable perimeter, where important food purchasing decisions are made.


Vintage Valet Applications:

  • Our pioneering bottles and display racks create all new shelf space with innovative cross-merchandising opportunities.
  • Consistently great wines that are conveniently located alongside key meal ingredients offer a new level of shopper convenience.
  • Promotional, seasonal and eye-catching wines create a fun way to increase sales and impulse purchases.

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